Yankee CandleFor your fundraising needs, consider giving Yankee Candle a try. Well recognized and easy to sell, Yankee Candle is touted as selling America’s best loved candles. With lots of support, a variety of scents and success in a short amount of time, many attest to great outcomes through Yankee Candle fundraisers. While trying to decide about your organization’s next fundraiser, checkout Yankee Candle. The website details many important facts and frequently asked questions about this fundraising option.


The Benefits of Yankee Candle Fundraising

One of the best benefits to choosing this company is getting assigned a local consultant to guide you through the process. The consultant will help you set dates for your sale, provide you with prepared sales packets and a parent letter, as well as e-mail confirmations of orders and your shipment’s tracking information. Good customer support is invaluable during the fundraising process.

When using Yankee Candle, the profit possibilities are large with minimal effort. Since most people have heard of these beloved candles, they are much more willing to purchase the product due to the degree of familiarity. Your organization earns forty percent of total profits, and the cost of the candles compared to retail Yankee Candle prices only vary by about one dollar.

With a variety of candles, buyers will easily find a scent that pleases them. Yankee Candle Fundraisers offers spring and fall programs, which are each comprised of unique fragrant collections. Many organizations choose to do two sales a year so that both seasons’ scents are available to their supporters.

Helpful Information

If you are heading up your program’s fundraiser, you can request information. As the chairperson, you will stay in direct contact with the local sales consultant assigned to your group, and they will guide you through your fundraising process. Expect to run your fundraising sale for ten to fourteen days, and once your orders are turned in to Yankee Candle, you will receive the products within three to four weeks. Once received, there is no need to separate customer orders because Yankee Candle does the sorting for your organization. You can also obtain Yankee Candle logos or a downloadable chairperson guides online.