You may be wondering if you can qualify for a grant. The way to find out whether you qualify for a grant is to review the grant requirements in order to find out whether you meet the relevant criteria for that grant. If you do meet the requirements for receiving the grant, you should answer each question on the grant application in a very detailed and specific way. 

You can learn about grants at different workshops geared toward work in your area. You can also learn about grants by exploring different organizations that are similar to yours to determine where they receive their funding from. It is a good chance that funders of organizations that are similar to yours would be interested in providing funding for your organization. 

There are many organizations that provide grants. Those grants are usually awarded by a committee of individuals who access the worthiness of each group requesting a grant and decide where to give the money. In order to put your grant application at the front of the rest, you should detail how your cause stands out from other groups that may be requesting funding.


Most organizations provide online all the application information that you need to apply for the grant. You will need to complete the application thoroughly and provide any supporting documentation expediently. There are several foundations such as the Ford Foundation, the Kellogg Foundation and the Reynolds Foundation that award millions of dollars each year to qualified organizations.

Besides applying for private grants, you should also consider applying for grants given out by federal, state and local governments. Government requirements and oversight will probably be different than that of private donors, and are worth exploring. Make sure to hire staff who have experience working with grants so they can lend you their insight into the process.

You apply for a grant by completing the application that the organization provides for you. They will want to know what your mission is and how you plan to go about achieving that very specific mission. They will also want to know who your board members are and how you plan to make organizational decisions and how you will run the business. They also want to know how you have been funded in the past and what current funding you have in place.  Writing grants can be time consuming but can also be well worth it if done properly.