How to Write a Church Fundraiser Letter  

Writing a letter to the members of your congregation can be a great way to raise money for your church organization. Whether you want to advertise an upcoming church chili cook-off, a concert that the church choir is giving, or make a simple donation request, spreading the word via a church fundraiser letter can be a great way to reach a large number of people and get the message across to friends and acquaintances.  Here are some helpful hints about creating a church fundraising letter:


Make it Interesting: It’s a good idea to make church fundraising letters personal and compelling. Make sure you clearly state your case about why this fundraiser is important to your organization and the members of your church. Use your own voice and your own words in your letter—you don’t want it to sound like an official business letter. The best way to seek donations is to gain empathy for your cause by making a person-to-person request in the form of a letter.


Don’t Take Readers On A Guilt Trip: Making potential donors feel guilty for NOT donating is not the way to go. Don’t use religion as a means to make them feel bad if they can’t or won’t give. You are more likely to receive donations if you are respectful, polite, and humble in your donation request.


Ask To Post It In The Church Bulletin: Many churches with large congregations have some type of church newsletter or bulletin. Make a request to include your church fundraiser letter (or a shorter version of it) in your church newsletter. This is another great way to reach a large crowd and appeal to the masses!


Follow Up With A Call Or “Thank You”: Following up with letter recipients is a great way to make sure that they received your letter and to remind them about your cause. Don’t be pesky—be polite and commit to making just a one-time follow up phone call. Also, once you’re received a donation from someone, be sure to send a thank you note or acknowledge the donation in some way. Your donors will be more likely to give in the future if they feel that their gift was appreciated!