Schools, sports teams, and even churches all participate in regular fundraisers to cover unbudgeted expenses. A great way to help your organization raise some extra cash is a wrapping paper fundraiser. In this day and age, these fundraisers look a little different than they used to, but they are still a fun way to get your organization’s name out there and raise the money you need for that next project.

Where do you start with a wrapping paper fundraiser, especially if you have a small or volunteer organization where time and people-power is limited? We have designed the guide below to help you through the process of planning and implementing a successful wrapping paper fundraiser. Read on for our tips and tricks to make your fundraiser a hit.

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Wrapping Paper Fundraiser Details and Overview

A wrapping paper fundraiser is a money raising project where your networks of donors view a catalog that includes an assortment of gift wrapping products appropriate for the upcoming holiday season.

Many of these catalogs now include other products in addition to gift wrap from jewelry to gourmet candies. The diversity found in these catalogs will help your participants find an item that they like and encourage them to support your cause.

How to Organize One

When you are preparing a wrapping paper fundraiser, there are some essential questions to ask in the planning process. First, you need to figure out who among your employees or volunteers has the time to devote to arranging a fundraiser with vendors and networks.

Once the fundraising coordinator has been assigned, they will need to start researching vendors quickly. A quick google search will bring up many options for you to consider when picking the best catalog.

As you start to narrow down your options, you will want to consider the following:

  • Is the vendor well known?
  • Have other organizations you know used this vendor with success?
  • Does the vendor have references they are willing to provide?
  • What is the profit margin?
  • What incentives do they offer?
  • How straightforward are their offers?
  • How many different programs and catalogs do they offer?
  • What is the cost to your organization?
  • Are there any hidden fees?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will know which vendor to go with. It may take some time to research each one thoroughly, but this time invested on the front end will save you stress and frustration down the line if you skipped this important step.

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Making Your Wrapping Paper Fundraiser Profitable

Once you have chosen the best vendor for your cause, it is time to work out the details of your event. There are some basics to this process that will help you make the most money in a short amount of time. The five tips below will help you get started on the planning portion of your fundraising event.

Tip 1: Keep It Short

You want to limit your fundraiser’s running time. A good fundraiser should be no more than two weeks in duration. This puts the pressure on supporters who otherwise may put off making their donations.

The best range for a fundraiser is 7-10 days. This range can change based on your needs. If you are raising a large amount of money, your team may choose for more time.

Tip 2: Make Your Cause Clear

Always make sure that participants know the reason for the fundraiser. Clear messaging on flyers and pamphlets will let your donors know exactly what their money will be used for. Before distributing literature, have someone look it over for clarity. A second pair of eyes may catch inconsistencies you missed.

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Tip 3: Build a Team

Make sure you have a team to help you see your fundraiser through. You should have people assigned for small tasks so that no one person is overwhelmed with the details. One person could help with the messaging while another accepts orders from individuals.

A separate person could be assigned to accept orders from the business. Yet another person could make reminder phone calls or write emails. This task delegation will help ease the burden while ensuring smooth operations.

Tip 4: Make a List of Participants

You should have an idea of who will want to support your cause or organization. Make a list of these people so that your team can reach out to them directly.

This includes individuals who are vested in your organization, as well as local businesses and merchants who would appreciate the publicity that comes with being a sponsor.

Tip 5: Keep Careful Records

Once you start collecting orders, make sure you keep records of payments made. Making copies of orders is also a recommended practice. You will need these forms should issues arise later with the vendor. You will also need records of all monies received for tax purposes down the line.

Putting It All Together

The steps above should help make your wrapping paper fundraiser easier to plan and carry out. These tips are designed to show you how to make the best decisions from the vendors to the time frame for your event.

The most important part of your fundraiser starts before you even begin: assembling a team that will help you make sure everything goes as planned. A great team will make for a great fundraiser that will meet your goals in no time without placing unneeded pressure on you.

Do you have any suggestions for a good wrapping paper fundraiser? Please share your ideas for planning a great event in the comments below for our readers to enjoy.

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