Gift baskets can be prepared for any kind of occasion. Creating it is truly enjoyable and fun. But unless you know what you’re doing or anything about wine, you probably don’t have the knowledge to really create the most perfect wine gift basket. If you’re searching for ways to make a wine gift baskets but don’t have the information that you need, you’ve found the one stop shop for all your wine information needs.

A little bit of Background Info

It is true that wine has become increasingly popular in the last 10 years it has also become the most popular gift for the holidays. Today, parties aren’t complete, holidays aren’t really celebrated, and laughs aren’t truly had unless wine is present. But because wine has become such a popular gift it is becoming a tiny bit boring. Utilizing the idea of a wine gift basket makes the gift of giving wine a lot less boring.

Wines and Their Origins

USA UK Italy France Germany
Barefoot Wines Sauvignon Blanc Prosecco Champagne Riesling
Pinot Noir Zinfandel Chardonnay
Moscato Malbec Wines
Stella Rosa Merlot

Places to Buy

You can purchase anything you want online, a cigar, bulk packs of the every yummy Godiva Chocolate, Cheese, coffee, fruit and even beer and wine! Either option that you choose, you get the wine that you want.

In Store Online
Your Local State Store
You Local Grocery Store
Any Wine and Spirits Store

In Store vs. Online

The pros of buying in store: Buying in store is great for those that really like to have the interaction, the ability to ask questions to those with high knowledge of the products. You also have the luxury of finding just the right wine and being able to actually try it. For example, if you know someone with a gluten allergy, more than likely you’ll be able to get all the knowledge you need and you’ll have the ability to try the wine as well. In addition to being able to try the wine, more than likely, you’ll also have access to coupon codes to make for a more inexpensive, custom gift.

The cons of buying in store: Buying in store has it’s perks, but the only negative is having to actually drive there and get the sweet nectar in which ever location, where you choose to go.

The pros of buying online: The biggest perk of buying online? You don’t have to leave your house. It’s like you’re Houdini of the wine world. The drink is just delivered to your address without leaving your house. You can also utilize coupons or a code to get a discount. Maybe free delivery or a percentage off of your order. The internet is literally a catalog for anything, including wine.

The cons of buying online: Some states don’t allow you to deliver to your house. You may have to make the long drive to your local Wine and Spirit store. This is nuts, if you ask me. They won’t send you your order due to state regulations, but sometimes, if the promo or discount is worth it, then go for it. The other thing that you have to consider with buying online? You’ve got to pay for shipping.

Fun Facts

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1. Portugal is know for their port wines.

2. Napa Valley is known for their cakebread. You’d think that Napa Valley would be known for their wines due to all the wine lovers there.

3. The French are the ones that take the cake and gets the jobs done when it comes to producing red and white wine.

4. There is a legit thing called Wine Island. It’s located in Australia.

5. Three famous Italian wines are Prosecco, Zinfandel, Moscato.

Ultra Specific Gift Baskets

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Wine gift baskets are great for men and women. Each wine basket that you make can be super specific to one person or ultra specific to one gender. The ideas are endless. You can provide everything from, aside from the ice, in your gift basket. The gift that never goes “over the hill”, the gourmet wine basket. Who doesn’t want to sit down and relax in the evening with a glass of wine? You can find tons of pictures online or you can come up with original ideas that allow you to end with a fine gift. You can have a themed basket or just a miscellaneous bunch to put together.

Gift baskets for Women

Go for an earthy theme wine, K. Vintners Motor City Kitty Syrah 2014, would be perfect, it’s organic and earthy. Pair that with bunch of flowers and a gift card to a local spa to give a total and unique homemade gift.

Gift baskets for Men

Say hello to number one in the county with this great DIY! Find some kosher meat to go along with a bottle of wine to make for a great evening of grilling. You know how much men like to grill. Go with the expensive steak, provide a whole meal in the basket to provide a wonderful date night. Maybe even include a flower for his lady to make for a great date night in.


For all occasions, wine is appropriate, spruce it up with little additives!

Wedding or bridal shower– Provide customized wine glasses with a customized label on their favorite wine.

A Valentine Gift– Any gift that involves wine sets the mood for lovebirds, but try adding some chocolate in with the wine!

Sympathy– Include a poem and a bottle of wine to make for a better day.

Thank You– The reviews are in! Utilize you handwriting abilities to write a small note to let the person you’re thanking see your sentiment.

Corporate Gift– While some corporations don’t allow alcohol in the work place, they have to know that their employee’s enjoy a glass or two every evening. Try giving a wine gift card to purchase their favorite wine of choice to thank them for putting up with you.

Christmas– The holiday’s are the time when wine is consumed, mostly because it’s a religious thing, but others just have the tradition to drink wine around the holidays.

Birthday-Grab some cheap tags and buy a bottle of wine. Place the number of tags, for the age they are turning around the same bottle. On each tag, write a compliment to them or something that you like about them. This is a thoughtful gift that not only takes time, but also shows your sentiment.

The Ultimate “Things to Do” List

Event Location More Information
Calgary Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival Calgary, Canada

Food, Wine & Nightlife in Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
Wine Deliver Service Toronto, Canada
MA Wine Tastings and Tours Massachusetts
NYC Wineries New York
Best Wine Bars in Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
NJ Wine Growers Association New Jersey
Virginia Wine Festival Virginia
Wine Making, Miami Style! Miami, Florida
Wineries You Must Visit in MI Michigan
Tons of Wine Tasting Events Chicago, Illinois
Make Your Own Wine Denver, Colorado
Top 10 Winery Visits Seattle, Washington
Fullerton Wine Oregon
The Texas Wine School Houston, Texas
Wine Tour San Antonio, Texas
Food and Wine Festival Las Vegas
The Ten Best Los Angeles, CA
Temecula Wine Tours San Diego, California
Sonoma Valley Wine Country Sonoma, California

In conclusion, just remember to take note of the personality as well as the particular likes of the person that you are giving the basket gift wine to. This makes the gift personalized and more special. For example, if the person likes champagne, you can choose to include it in your gift. If he doesn’t, then don’t. There is a risk that you can offend the person by bringing that gift. The most thought-of and personalized gifts are the best ones you can give to your loved ones on a special holiday.