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Wine Gift Basket; The Gift that Keeps on Giving

With wine gaining in popularity over more traditional beverages, a custom wine gift basket makes the perfect gift for almost any occasion. Most people are becoming aware of not only the health benefits of various wines, but the enhancement qualities of wine when complimenting almost any meal.

While wine has health benefits, wine is also a go to gift. But don’t be that cheesy person that just picks a wine and goes with it. While that is ok to do on occasion, it’s not something that you should stick with doing all the time. Don’t you want to wow the receiver of the gift?

The Ultimate Wine Gift Basket

The ultimate wine gift baskets that will usually include a bottle of wine or two–Maybe a red and a white wine for variety, along with some wine accessories, such as a cork screw and wine stopper so that they can open the bottle of wine and have a glass and then save the rest without ruining the wine.

Include items like crackers and cheeses, maybe even chocolate to go along with the wines that you’ve chosen. If you are not sure which items to choose, your local winery or liquor store may have some insight on what items to choose to go along with the bottles of wine that you’ve chosen.

The Best Gift to Give

Fundraising wine gift baskets are gifts that always go over well, and even people who will not actually drink the wine will enjoy a holiday wine gift basket. It is such a thoughtful idea and they may have a collection of wine just to showcase in their home or to use when entertaining guests. The gift doesn’t always have to be useful to the receiver, but they may able to utilize the gift for other purposes.

Best Wine To Give Over Each Holiday

Don’t feel like DIY-ing? It isn’t something that has to be done specifically by you to make it special. The best idea of all is when you go through a company to get a holiday wine gift basket that is going to allow you to pick and choose and put the specific items that you want in the gift basket, a homemade gift basket is just as nice as a store bought one. This way you can make it that much more personal, better themed, and when you give the gift they are going to see all the effort that you put into it and know that you really do care.

New Years Day

Valentines’ Day

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Fourth of July




Things to Consider

The gift baskets that you choose for your fundraising are so important. The basket needs to be elegant yet sturdy to hold the weight of the bottles. There should be a sort of cushioning at the bottom of the basket so as to avoid breakage of bottles. Select two to three bottles of wine for the gift basket. Have a variety like white, red and sparkling wines. Make sure the vintage of the wine is good. You can get creative and include some variety of cheese and crackers that will compliment the bottles of wine included. You could also have a book on wines or wine culture to inform the receiver of what the gift basket entails.

Now besides a holiday wine gift basket, while this is a wonderful idea, if you think that it is something that the person you are buying for would not really appreciate, keep in mind, the gift can be used for other things too, like re-gifting or for hosting parties. How cool is this! The ideas are endless and they are all fun for a raffle, a simple gift to give, or a fundraiser. This really is the gift that keeps on giving. Wine gift baskets should be known as the ultimate, go-to gift or item to utilize at fundraisers as the best gift bask to “auction off” when it comes to making money for what really counts.

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