PH_Jamesville_out_[Converted]Why You Should Consider Hosting A Pizza Fundraiser

Pizza fundraisers are a great fundraising idea for any small school group or church organization. It’s a popular item that people love and crave and it can be a lot of fun to host. Whether you choose to have your fundraiser at a local pizza joint or you want to have it on location, it’s a great way to get people involved. Here are some reasons why you should consider hosting a pizza fundraiser:

• It’s cheap. Most local pizza places work with small group charities to offer special discounts to charitable groups. Normally, you get the pizza at a discount and then whatever your group buys or eats will go towards your charity’s funds.

• It’s flexible. Whether you choose to sell discounted pizza at $2 a slice during a PTA event or choir concert at school, or you want to bring the whole baseball team to the pizza place to earn a percentage of the earnings of the evening, pizza fundraising is a flexible way to go.

• It’s truly popular. Who doesn’t love a slice of hot, messy, delicious pizza? It’s something that friends and family will crave and will be happy to get involved if they know it’s for a good cause.

• It offers many options. In addition to hosting a fundraiser like this in-house or on-location, you can even choose to sell scratch off cards, gift cards, or discount cards for charity.

• Many pizza places offer free stuff that helps. Many pizza chains especially can help support your fundraiser by providing free marketing materials like fliers or email newsletters so that you can spread the word about your big day.

• It’s something that the kiddos love. It’s ideal for small groups because kids can’t resist the fun and yumminess of pizza. In short, it’s a win-win fundraiser for everyone.