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What You Should Know About An Ozark Delight Fundraiser

What You Should  Know About Ozark Delight Fundraiser

Lollipop fundraisers can be a really fun and very simple way to get your small group to raise money for a special event or project that you’re trying to plan. Candy fundraisers like this are a great option when kids and teens are involved and can be a great idea for school groups and youth groups. Ozark Delight is one reputable company that has been offering lollipop fundraisers since the early 1980s. They have a solid reputation, which makes them a good choice when trying to decide who should host your lollipop fundraiser. Here is some information about Ozark Delight fundraiser.

One of the best things about their products is that their lollipops are sugar free, something that will make parents (who are of course potential buyers) less apprehensive about making a purchase. They are actually high in fiber, low-fat, and have Vitamin C , and still taste great, so this is a great idea for health conscious parents who want something that will appeal to kiddos that won’t be bad for their health. Aside from being sugar free, the lollipops come in a variety of colors and flavors (40 different flavors to be exact), making them appealing and attractive to potential buyers.

 The company also makes display stands that you can use to sell the lollipops in a high traffic area and the profit margins are very generous. The company boasts a profit margin of between 60-70%, making it a no-brainer for people who need to raise money for a good cause but need something low-maintenance.

Ozark also has a policy that charity groups do not have to pay up front for their orders, as long as their order can be billed directly to schools and they offer people the chance to pay in 30 days. Their customer service line can help you set up a fundraiser for your child’s school. To learn more, visit