Gift baskets are one of a kind, unique, and useful gifts that allow the gift giver and the recipient to have a sense of accomplishment since there are tons of gifts that can be given or donated to different organizations with different themes. The number one gift that is given has nothing to do with want or need, it’s about knowing what to give someone when even they don’t know what they want.

This kind of gift is affordable to everyone’s pocket. You can buy this at the store or mall in the groceries section. A kind of gift that you can give whatever occasion it is such as birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. You can DIY your own gift basket or buy a completed gift basket that is ready to be enjoyed.

Preparing Your Gift Basket

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Decide if you want to buy a completed gift basket or if you want to make your own. If ever you don’t have time to go around shopping for a gift, this one is straightforward to make, but it may be even more timely to buy.  Check out how you can make your own gift basket!

1.Buy a basket that is presentable to look at- Make sure that you get a basket that is big enough to fit all of your items. You wouldn’t want to get all your items and then not have a place to put them.

2. Get cloth napkins or a pretty tea towel to place on the bottom of the basket- This makes for a pretty and decorative detail to go with your wine and cheese of choice.

3.Put the best bottle of wine and best cheese inside the basket- Figure out which wines and cheeses you want to use and use a pairing guide to be sure that you’ve paired the wine and cheese properly.

4. Put some bars of chocolates or a some meats in the basket that would complement the wine and cheese in the vacant space.

5. Lastly, place cellophane one it and  tie a bow around it to make it look like a professionally bought basket.

Using our intuition or imagination on how to prepare or design a gift with wine and cheese in the basket, is better than buying it from the market or store. Creating personalized gifts like this is better since you can add few personal touches to remember the special events.

Wine with Cheese

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There are lots of different wine and cheese to choose from. There are best wines, and there is big cheese or small cheese or rounded cheese to choose. Buy the wine wherein the celebrant or the person whom you give the gift likes to drink and the cheese the person wants to eat. Doing or preparing thing like this one wine and cheese gift basket is basic.


Merlot and Monterey Jack

Pinot Noir and Brie

Malbec and Aged Cheddar


Sauvignon Blanc and goat cheese

Pinot Grigio and Mozzarella 

Riesling and Ricotta

You can also go to the internet to explore on how to make your wine and cheese gift basket pairings. On the net, you can study and learn a lot of knowledge regarding gourmet gift basket. It is easy to search on the net to the different website it can be seen.

Other Things to Add

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Other things to add to your wine and cheese basket would be crackers and cured meats or even chocolate.

Some meats to consider:






Crackers are also great, think of club crackers, or any buttery cracker to go with the wine and cheese pairing.

In just one little simple imagination, you can make a fantastic, fabulous wine and cheese gift baskets, just an extra thought to add personal touches of your choice to look such an amazing gift. A gift no matter how small or big they are as long as it is heartily given and you made it for yourself is extraordinary.

Why dare to buy or order wine and cheese gift basket if you can do it yourself. At least there is a labor of love on it, that’s what makes it valuable.