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Unique Fundraising Ideas to Get The Public Involved

For most people, fundraisers are simply annoying events that individuals and companies hold to raise money for one reason or the other. Although this may have been the case in days gone by there are various ways that these events can be spiced up. Now, events are chatted about from her to the UK. Fundraisers aren’t just for corporate business any more, they’re used for sports, nonprofits, and college functions. But what about those unique fundraising ideas lurking out there? To say the ideas are endless, is an understatement! Check out the few that we chose!

First Things First

For starters, it would be important for the organizers of the fundraising to get the message across accurately. In other words, the general public, and the targeted attendees in question need to be clear on the aim of the occasion. However, apart from simply stating the obvious, the organizers should have a simple slogan for the fundraising event that will tie-in with the theme of the event.

Secondly, for such an event to be successful, the right guests ought to be a part of the fundraising. As a case in point, if the agenda is to raise money for a children’s hospital then it would be of paramount importance that the guest of honor has a passion for children and their healthcare.

Here Is What You Gotta Do

To solidify the event even further, the organizers ought to choose a location that befits the theme of the fundraising as well as the expected result. This means that if the charity is targeted towards marine life, then there should be some form of marine life at the location of the event, or close by, think of a dinner on the bay. In times past, some organizers have made the mistake of hosting these events at far off locations, which leave a lot to be desired, especially by the attendees.

Make It Effective

One of the most effective fundraising ideas comes in the form of creative advertising using the relevant media. Nowadays, it is essential that the appropriate media is used to attract the right audience. As an example, if the aim is to raise funds for a high school debate team then advertising on print media might not be as effective as advertising on social media due to the intended target.

Go Against the Grain

As has been indicated, fundraising ideas are a dime a dozen, but there is yet another one that should be carefully looked into even before the date for the fundraising can be picked. The entertainment schedule and the entertainers that will be expected to grace the occasion.

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The activities that are slotted in for the occasion could indeed make the difference between a common event and a successful one. However, it is worth noting that if a special guest is coming, he or she need not stay until the fundraising event is over, but can simply make a short appearance at the event.

Deciding that you need a unique fundraising idea is one thing, coming up with the idea is a different thing altogether. In this article, we’ll try to get you started.

How to Go Against the Grain

Coming up with unique fundraising ideas requires creative thinking. If you start from the perspective of what is out there already and improving on that (i.e. by using web search), or from the viewpoint of potential supporters, then you’ll make devising your fundraising event ideas much simpler.

Schools, charity organizations, and other nonprofit institutions looking to raise funds should accent the fun in their creative fundraising ideas. People today will spend their money to have more fun, and creative fundraising ideas that focus on fun things to do, fun experiences and fun products are likely to raise more money or even exceed fundraising goals.


Remember when you were a kid and the carnival was the best thing about the summer? Host a fundraising Carnival complete with rides, games of chance and skill and plenty of old carnival foods. You can’t have a carnival without candied apples, caramel corn, funnel cake and cotton candy. There are special event companies that can pull the whole event together for your organization or do research on your own to find Carnival vendors to help you create a money-making event.

A Celebrity Auction

Invite local VIPs in your area to donate items as well as experiences and have people bid online or live at a fundraising cocktail party. Offer bidders the chance to pilot a plane, be mayor of the city for a day, take a tour of the local firehouse, or be chauffeured to and from school or work in a limousine. The possibilities here are endless.

Car Wash

A car wash is a popular fundraiser idea is to raise money for your charity. All you need is a bucket, soap, sponges, water and your family members to wash cars for a cause. You can sell tickets or advertise in the local paper. Try to find a busy location to use and incorporate a sign holder out by the street.

Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is a great fundraiser that children can do to raise funds to help someone less fortunate. Get the word out that your little one is raising money for a good cause. As a result, many will gladly buy a cool glass of lemonade from your adorable freckle-faced kid. It is great to see a child learning to help others.

Cake Sale

A cake sale is another popular fundraiser idea. Your family can help with the baking, cutting and wrapping the baked goods. On the day of the sale, friends and family can help out.  Have them set up the tables, collect the money and hand out the treats. Just remind them not to “eat” the profits.

Disco Night


If you can enlist a hall through a local community center, church or school, therefore, you can save money right there! Get a DJ and wholesalers to give you a discount rate. This way you could have a great family evening of fun and fundraising with selling tickets, refreshment or both.

Garden Sale

A garden sale is a profitable way to have a fundraiser. Get your family to see what they are willing to sacrifice for a great cause. Grow a community garden and donate the food to the local homeless shelters or food banks. Fresh food for those that need it most! As a result, people will come out to support a cause.

Change Jar

A fundraiser doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Ask your family members to help you gather some large glass jars. Label these collection jars with the fundraiser information. Ask around convenience stores if you can leave one on their counter. A little spare change can add up to a lot of money. Finally, you can also incorporate your family to stand in front of a store; If store management doesn’t mind or collect at traffic stops but watch out for traffic.


Recycling is environment-friendly and an easy way to make money for a charity. Get your family together and get the word out to everyone you know to save those cans for your cause. Incorporate your family to scout out discarded cans, store and cash them in at the nearest recycling center.

If you’re still not sure that you’ve got this down, check out some fundraising courses that you can take to make for a better leader in fundraising. You got this!