mail-box-552x414Two Free Fundraising Letters

Writing a fundraising letter to solicit sponsors is a tried and tested way to raise money for a charity organization. There are many ways to reach your audience in a fundraising letter, so it’s easy to tailor online sample fundraising letters to your specific cause. Here are two free fundraising letters that you can use to craft your own message:

Sample Fundraising Letter For A Small Charity

Dear (Name),

I am contacting you to let you know about ABC Charity, a non-profit organization that helps clean up green spaces in your local community. Protecting the green spaces of our neighborhood helps preserve our image as a beautiful place to live and helps keep property values high.

Every year, ABC Charity hosts a garden show that raises money for their annual neighborhood Clean Up Our Neighborhood Party. This special event invites members of the community out for an evening of entertainment, food, fun, and of course cleaning up Markson Park. The money raised at the garden show helps to pay for the food and entertainment of the cleaning party. The garden show also helps raise awareness of this valuable cause.

I am contacting you to request a donation of $20 to support the annual ABC Charity garden show, or you can learn more about being a garden sponsor or competing by visiting our website at (website). We appreciate your continued support of this worthy cause to beautify our community. Please contact me at (phone number) with any questions that you might have.

Name and contact information

Sample Fundraising Letter For A Large Non-Profit

Dear (Formal Salutation and Last Name),

I am contacting you on behalf of the Run For The Cure Cancer Association. We are an organization that helps raise money and awareness of the victims, family members, and friends whose lives have been touched by Colon Cancer.
Each year, we reach out to businesses to seek support for our annual Run For The Cure Cancer Association event. Last year, we raised $50,000 for our cause through corporate sponsorships alone, and the event is a wonderful way to share valuable information about Colon Cancer, and often misunderstood disease.

The annual race offers our corporate sponsors a wonderful opportunity to show their support to many people who have been affected by this disease, and the event is attended by more than 10,000 people. We offer our corporate sponsors several levels of sponsorship, which include publicity before and during the event and advertising opportunities. The enclosed media kit will explain more about how your company can give and how your organization will benefit specifically.

I will be following up with you by phone early next week, but please feel free to call me directly at (phone number) with any questions. Thank you for your consideration of our cause. We aim to partner with highly respected corporations in the community, and we believe that a partnership could be mutually beneficial.

Name and Contact Information