If your fundraiser doesn’t already have a Twitter account, you should absolutely create one. Twitter has been around for over 10 years. Let's discuss how to set up your account and gain twitter followers.

Gaining a large Twitter following has many benefits for your fundraiser or campaign. For instance, if the campaign has thousands of Twitter followers you're more likely to receive donations and attention to the campaign in general.

This can also be a great way to find resources like volunteers. Social media is a great tool for fundraisers to utilize. Gaining attention from donors and other professionals will only help the fundraiser in the long run.

How to Create a Twitter Account for Fundraising

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To create a Twitter account, go to the Twitter website and click Sign-up. There are a few extra steps to set the account up for fundraising.

  • Come up with a clever name for your Twitter handle/username. Make it simple so the public can easily find your campaign.
  • Click the Create Account link. After making the username, you can upload a photo for the profile. Use a photo such as the logo of the organization to post as the profile photo. By looking at the logo, people will know right away which organization it is.
  • Also, add a short description of the fundraiser or campaign. It will have to be 140 characters or less. After completing the profile, "follow" similar organizations and companies.
  • Search for charities and other organizations to follow and they may follow you back.

Benefits of Having Twitter Followers

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Having tons of Twitter followers has many benefits for the organization. Let’s take a look at how to use this social media site to the advantage of the charity.

Respond to Audience Questions

After obtaining multiple followers on Twitter, you'll probably have an influx of questions. Use Twitter as a way to answer the public. When tweeting and replying to followers, use hashtags in the tweet to get more followers.


If you have lots of Twitter followers, you'll be able to show them what the campaign has accomplished. Hopefully, people who view these tweets are telling their friends and other businesses what the charity has accomplished.

Showing accomplishments on Twitter is a great way to promote and advertise for the campaign. These tweets will help charities to reach a larger audience.

Listen to Issues About the Community

Having local Twitter followers on your page will enable you to see problems within the community.

Follow local news pages and other sources of information. If these issues have anything to do with your fundraiser, go ahead and make a tweet to your followers. Get their input. Is there anything they want to see the organization do to help?

Let Twitter Followers Share the Posts

Increasing your Twitter followers will also help your tweets gain more engagements.

This means your followers will retweet or repost the tweets you make. Once they do this, all of their followers will see the tweet as well. They may click on the profile and follow your fundraiser to see what the page is about.

Get to Know the People Who Contribute

If the majority of volunteers and donors follow the Twitter page, you’ll be able to find out more about who they are and what they do.

Connect with them and send out a public thank you tweet. Send Tweets and ask them what they do. Gain more insight into who is interested in the campaign. This can help you find a targeted audience.

Examples of Fundraisers with Lots of Twitter Followers

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Some of the most infamous charities and fundraisers have a large Twitter following. Increasing Twitter followers allowed these organizations to communicate with the public and make a brand name for themselves.

Young people are always on social media. Twitter is also the best way to connect with college students as well.

An example is The United Nations Children’s Fund or UNICEF which has a total of 7.31 million followers. This is an enormous number. Considering UNICEF has been around for quite some time it isn’t surprising.

In the past, UNICEF has done a great job in marketing and advertising their organization. Surely with all of these followers, they’re able to keep tons of donors and find new volunteers if necessary.

Another example, The American Red Cross, has 5.6 million Twitter followers while the World Wildlife Fund has 4.03 million. You can find other top-ranking campaigns on Top Non-Profit’s website. These are some of the largest charities worldwide.

Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

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Now you know why you need Twitter followers but how exactly do you go about getting them? Use hashtags to gain followers. Look at some of the hashtags other non-profits are using. You can use them as well.

When you tweet or make a post be sure to include visuals. Make the Twitter page colorful and exciting. People will be attracted to photos rather than just words.

Share videos with followers. This will also help you get information and updates more effectively. Follow others as well. This doesn’t only apply to other charities. Follow donors, volunteers, college students pretty much anyone you can think of.

Sometimes, following random people is a good idea too. They will click on the page to figure who you are and what you’re about. Avoid writing boring tweets. Make sure your content is exciting and interesting. Use exclamation points and emojis to get the point across.

Using Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is an app or computer program you can use to manage your Twitter profile. Instead of manually creating tweets and posting them every so often, you can schedule them ahead of time.

This is useful for campaigns since the volunteers will be very busy. You may not have the time to write a tweet for every few hours, but with this app, you can write them ahead of time and schedule to post them when you want.

Tweet Deck is a free application and can be used on any device including cell phones and tablets.

What Should I Tweet About?

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Use personal stories from people who benefit from the campaign or organizer. You won’t have room for a long story, but you can add links to the full story on your page. This will also provide traffic for the campaign website.

If you have an event coming up, tweet about that. Twitter followers who are locals may be interested in the event and show up to help raise money. This is also a good way to find additional volunteers.

Other updates such as how much your campaign has made, a media statement, and connections with other organizations are all things you can be tweeting about on your campaign Twitter profile.

Questions and different topics to promote conversation will increase Twitter followers as well. Ask questions that your followers may be interested in. Always promote engagement on your Twitter profile to keep communication open.

Use links to videos, articles, and events to create tweets as well. A call to action is necessary too. Tell your followers to read certain articles or give their input on a certain topic.

Create a routine for the Twitter profile. Your followers will eventually catch on to the times you tweet, what you tweet about and when they can receive updates about the campaign.

Always encourage questions. There’s also something called "live tweeting" which you can do during an event. Make a short video showing volunteers getting work done. Track the campaign's accomplishments like this. People will also be more likely to join for the next event if they get an inside scoop on a current event your fundraiser is throwing.

Final Thoughts

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In today's time, Twitter may be necessary for a successful campaign. Increasing the twitter followers of the campaign has a multitude of benefits. In a world where people barely put their phones down, it's good to be able to connect with the entire world at the palms of your hands.

Having a large Twitter following helps your fundraiser gain awareness as well. You could find additional donors, volunteers and companies to partner with.

Using different software to help manage your Twitter profile is a great idea. Remember to post pictures and videos to always keep your audience engaged. Write interesting tweets that will attract more followers. Use this as an opportunity to make the campaign name bigger and better.

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