SchoolTrip2Try These Ten School Trip Fundraising Ideas

Do you need a little help finding creative inspiration for school fundraising ideas? Get busy and try one of these ten school trip fundraising ideas:

1. Find a sponsor for physical activities. Challenge students to raise money by getting pledges to do something active, such as bicycling ten miles or walking a 5K. People love to support physical activities.

2. Host a plant sale. Sell seedling plants in cute pots for a profit to raise money for your school trip. Or offer to sell personalized seed packets.

3. Host an international potluck dinner. This is a great way to get parents and families involved in something at the school. Host a cultural night where everyone shows off their ancestry. Complete the night with costumes, cultural foods, language lessons and more.

4. Give it up. Gather donations for giving something up, such as video games or candy for a month.

5. Offer a dog walking or bathing service. This is fun for students and offers people a truly valuable service. Offer to walk people’s dogs or give them a bath for a small donation.

6. Have your class design holiday cards. Great for holidays like Christmas, Hannukah and Mother’s Day, have a card design contest amongst students and sell those cards during the holiday season.

7. Host a charity fashion show. This is great for prom time! Have a prom dress fashion show and sell tickets. You get to show off gowns and tuxes and make money for your school trip.

8. Sell something delicious. From bake sales to candy to pizza and everything in between, host a fundraising that involves selling food.

9. Sell t-shirts. There are many companies that offer personalized tees online. Build team spirit and sell a cool t-shirt. Even better, have a student design a t-shirt for your group.

10. Have a yard sale. Get everyone to donate unwanted stuff and sell it for your charity.