No NGO can deploy any meaningful activity without the support of an enthusiast group of volunteers. The most challenging part of recruitment is getting people who are the right fit for the organization and for specific jobs.

If getting the right volunteers is proving to be a headache, this article will equip you with the awesome volunteer recruitment ideas you can try.

Importance of Volunteers in an Organization

Our society today is facing numerous issues. Hunger, drought, floods, diseases, and homelessness are only some of the problems that charities and non-profit organizations help to alleviate. Be that as it may, while these organizations dedicate their time, effort, and resources in helping society cope with these issues, sometimes it can be challenging to do these things without a helping hand.

Volunteers help charities and non-profit entities to cope with endless tasks that charity events, fundraising, and other activities demand. Without them, such organizations would be worse as far as management is concerned. And although these volunteers are usually just young people with no previous experience, they do make a significant difference.

10 Successful Volunteer Recruitment Ideas:

Here are some of the top volunteer recruitment ideas:

1. Set a Clear Vision

One mistake that most organizations make is recruiting volunteers without having a clear goal and vision in mind. The organization should have a clear and compelling vision, to begin with, and ensure that you communicate it to potential recruits. This way, you stir their interest and motivation to work with you. A well-articulated vision will likewise help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

2. Get to Know Potential Volunteers

For a set task to be completed efficiently and on time, you need to know the people working on it. As such, managers need to learn more about their potential volunteers before they assign duties to them. This step will help you determine if an individual is fit for the job or not.

Also, connecting with your people will help you develop relationships. Someday, you can offer better and equal opportunities if they arise in future for your volunteers.

3. Ask

This article highlights some of the best volunteer recruitment ideas, but in as much as all these ideas are effective for the intended purpose, there isn’t a better way of getting volunteers than to just ask. Yes! You need people to help? Then ASK. It is as simple as that.

You can encourage your colleagues and other staff members to ask around for people that might be interested in volunteering for your organization. When you do this, ensure that you provide them with all the information about the volunteering opportunity at hand.

4. Advertise Opportunities on Multiple Channels

To find the right volunteers for your organization, you need to share these opportunities on channels that target your intended audience. There are numerous approaches at your disposal. You can post or tweet these chances on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp groups, and Instagram. In your posts and tweets, you should highlight your requirements. You can end all your posts by asking friends and subscribers to share your post or tweet on their channels.

Print and digital media are also excellent ways to advertise.

5. Offer Incentives

Not everyone appreciates working for free. However, volunteer work means working without any monetary returns. Instead, people volunteer to get experience, better their skills while some do it for fulfillment.

Nonetheless, as one of the top volunteer recruitment ideas, offering incentives tend to work well for most organizations. Potential volunteers will always develop an interest when there is at least something they can get for their time and effort.

For example, if you need volunteers for a charity event, you can offer them branded T-shirts, caps, and even lunch for the day. This will make volunteering for that event all the more enticing to them.

6. Target High School and College Students

Students enjoy taking part in volunteer activities as it helps them pass the time and also helps them feel like a part of the community. They are also fully aware that Ivy League institutions are appreciating this type of extracurricular activities.

Other students are part of school programs and societies that require participation in volunteering activities. As such, you should take the chance to connect with students within your community and share with them opportunities that may arise in your organization.

7. Allow Volunteers to Leave When They Want to

Some volunteers might after some time feel like your organization is not the right fit for them. This applies mostly to youngsters who are looking to hone their skills and improve their experience. When they choose to quit, as a leader you should allow them to do so honorably.

Honoring volunteers in your organization will help strengthen their faith and respect for your organization. It will also enhance your chances of retaining long-term volunteers in your organization. Some of those who quit might even recommend your organization to their friends.

8. Network with Social Groups in Your Community

boy in a church

For an organization that is significantly involved with volunteer work, it might be a great idea to network with other social groups in your community. Schools as earlier mentioned, churches, youth groups, rotary clubs, and women organizations are only a few of the places that have high chances to be sources of volunteers.

9. Be Realistic about Job Description

Exaggerating job descriptions tends to discourage volunteers from taking up on the opportunity. You ought to train your people on how to handle the task at hand and also how to approach and encourage other people to join your cause. Only then can you expect excellent results.

Remember that volunteers must also know the basics of the job for which they are volunteering. This is so that they can efficiently materialize your plans, goals, and visions into action.

10.Show Appreciation

Having to look for new volunteers every time you need some can be exhausting. As such, you need to learn to appreciate those people that volunteer for you in the first place. Show them that their efforts are highly valuable and that you appreciate their time and commitment. This way, you motivate them to want to work with you in future again.

Next time you need volunteers to help, there are chances that the previous camp members will return for yet another opportunity to assist their community.


To assist you to achieve organizational success, always keep in mind these top 10 volunteer recruitment ideas.

I hope these tips will help you get through with recruiting the right volunteers for your organization. If you have any questions or comments, drop them in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share this post with friends and colleagues who might find it helpful.

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