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Top Three Ways to Raise Funds for Your Mission Trip


Top Three Ways to Raise Funds for Your Mission Trip 

The prospect of joining a mission trip with your church or religious organization is probably an exciting one, but raising the necessary funds may be making you a bit nervous. With a little planning, a good strategy, and some supportive people, you will be departing on your trip before you know it. Always keep your motivation for taking the journey at the forefront of your mind when crafting your mission trip donation letter or seeking out donations from the general public. Many people like to contribute to a good cause, especially if they know that their funds will be used directly to help others. Follow this advice to discover the top three ways to raise funds for your mission trip:

1.      Put Pen to Paper

Writing a really effective mission trip donation letter is still one of the best ways to reach out and seek contributions. It’s important to do some necessary legwork before you put pen to paper. You will need to research your audience, compile a mailing list, and set a goal for how many letters you intend to send out. Before you start writing, ask family and friends to give them the names and addresses of people who might be interested in contributing. Most importantly, make the mission trip donation letter very personal and use “you”, “I”, and “we”. Explain the cause very clearly and demonstrate your passion about your desire to lend a hand in the letter—a personal investment from you might impress potential donors and give them more incentive to offer assistance.

2.      Reach Out To Your Community

There are a number of ways to successfully raise money for your mission trip, and almost every one of them involves reaching out to your local community in some way. Take the time to gather up your fellow mission-trippers and do some brainstorming about how you can get the larger community involved. Hosting a car wash that is open to the public or auctioning off services offered by mission trip participants (house cleaning, for example), are great ways to earn donations from the general public. If you’re raising money for a teen mission trip, get your pals together and offer to mow lawns, do some house painting, or offer to be a mother’s helper for the day. Get the word out to your community and offer them something in return for their donation and you’ll raise the money in no time.

3.      Take it In-House

No other group may be as invested in your mission as the members of your church. It’s likely that they will be related to or personally acquainted with you or other people that are going on the mission. That fact alone may encourage them to make a contribution. However, there are a number of other ways to get church members to donate. Bake sales or selling donuts after a church service can be a tasty—and popular—way to raise money. Other options could be hosting a church garage sale or raffle, or selling arts and crafts. Get to know the people in your congregation and chances are you’ll make it to your financial goal faster than you think.