top-shelf-daycare-meals-and-fundraising-for-sports-teamsTop Ten Sports Fundraising Events

Sports fundraising events can range from something appropriate for a small group to an event that makes a huge splash and brings lots of people together. The key for any sports fundraiser is going to be the same: To raise money for your sports team and raise awareness of what you and your sports team stand for. Here are our top ten sports fundraising events:

  1. Host a tournament. This may be an obvious choice, but it’s something that people can certainly get on board with. Doing a sports fundraiser for a basketball team? Have a basketball shootout. For a baseball team? Do a home run derby. You get the idea, but make it sports-centric.
  2. Have a spaghetti dinner. Couple this with an awards banquet and parents and families will love this fundraiser that supports your sports team.
  3. Bingo night fundraiser. Another great one for kids and parents alike, host a charity bingo night that supports your team.
  4. Host a charity walk. Sports is about sportsmanship and getting physical, so what better way to raise money for your sports team than to do a charity walk that friends and family can join?
  5. Host a sports night for special needs kids. And speaking of sportsmanship, watching your sports team support kids with special needs can be very fulfilling and a great way to raise money and promote team spirit.
  6. Have a raffle. You can have any kind of raffle that you want and raffles can be simple or more complex. A 50/50 raffle is easy, but you could get creative and raffle off stuff that your sports team puts together.
  7. Have a recycling drive. This gives people the chance to get rid of unwanted things while knowing that your sports team is disposing the items in the best environmentally friendly manner.
  8. Have a pie sale. Gather your best baking geniuses and make pies to sell during games for charity.
  9. Change drive. Collect loose change from family and friends and you’ll be amazed at how much money you can collect.
  10. Launch a social media drive. As long as you have a blog or website where people can go donate, you can launch a social media drive through Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform and start spreading that word that your sports team is raising money.