timthumbTop Ten Fun Ways To Fundraise

In charge of coming up with a fundraiser but don’t know how to get started? No problem! With a little research and some ingenuity, you can make your charity a success by launching a successful fundraiser. To help you along the path to raising money, here are our top ten fun ways to fundraise:

1. Take your campaign online. You can’t afford to pass up the free online tools that are at your disposal. From social media to free website templates, take your time to go online.

2. Do it with food. From selling cookies or chocolate to selling add-on food or drinks at a special event, fundraising with food is an awesome choice. The ideas are endless from having restaurant nights to selling specific food items for donations.

3. Sell stuff that is donated. Having charity or garage sales for your organization is a cheap and great way to raise money. All you have to do is get people to donate their old unwanted items.

4. Do an auction. Work with local businesses to get cool stuff donated or make your own gift baskets. Both silent and public auctions can be big moneymakers for charities.

5. Sell a service. Things like babysitting, grass cutting, or tutoring can be very valuable and can work great for a non-profit organization.

6. Host a charity dance. Why not make it social and invite people to spend a Friday night having a blast? Host a charity dance or event and charge an entry fee. Provide music, food and refreshments and you’ll have people coming in droves.

7. Organize a competition. Whether it’s a talent show or a spelling bee, people love to be a bit competitive. This is a great way to raise money.

8. Do something holiday-ish. From selling charity Christmas cards to gift baskets during Valentine’s Day, working a fundraiser around the holidays is a great idea.

9. Work with pets. Whether it’s pet sitting, pet grooming, or dog walking, getting the furry friends involved in your charity can make big bucks.

10. Host a dinner night. Offer to have spaghetti and wine night or barbeque night. Organize a group of volunteer chefs and cool a meal for charity.