fundraiser2Top Six Quick Fundraising Ideas

Need cash for your charity and you need it fast? Why not try to organize a quick fundraiser to help you meet your goals. Quick fundraising is a no-nonsense approach that gives you a chance to raise money fast without much setup time and preparation. Here are our top picks for the six best quick fundraising ideas:

1. Launch an online crowdfunding campaign. If you do this, make sure that you keep the deadline in the very near future and express a sense of urgency so people donate ‘now’.

2. Have an almost new sale. Everyone loves a good old fashioned garage sale, so why not host a last minute yard sale? You just need some donations, a place, and some volunteers to run the show.

3. Host a car wash. For this easy fundraiser, you need a place that has hoses, some basic supplies, and people to hold up signs advertising your charity car wash. This usually can be thrown together in a weeks’ time and makes for a great quick fundraiser.

4. Have a bake sale. Are you fundraising for a church or another small group? Gather your best bakers and start making some cookies that you can bag up and sell in cute packaging. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can raise cash for your group.

5. Host a trivia night. This can be a really fun event because you can have it at someone’s house and all you need are some good trivia questions. Charge people a small entry fee, let them know it’s for charity, and create a party-like atmosphere.

6. Take the pledge. A very fast way to raise money is to take pledges for some action. For example, someone might pledge to give up chocolate for a month. Someone else might pledge to run a 5k for the first time. Taking pledges can help you raise funds fast.