downloadTop Ideas For Gymnastics Fundraisers

If you’re heading up a sports fundraiser for a sports team like a gymnastics team, tee ball team, or soccer team, you first have to think about the size of your group and how much money you need to raise. It’s important to have a goal in mind and a specific idea of what you want to use the money for. To get you thinking creatively, here are some top ideas for gymnastics fundraisers:

  • Rubber bracelets. There are a lot of companies online who sell those trendy rubber bracelets online. They are cheap and you can add logos or team names on them. They are trendy and they can show support for your gymnastics squad.
  • Sell flower bulbs. This is such a great fundraising idea if you don’t want to mess with selling food or candy. Some companies will sell nice flower bulbs or plants as part of a fundraising event. They don’t cost much and can be a great way to encourage people to leave a legacy by planting something that will grow in the future in memory of your gymnasts.
  • Lollipop sales. Great for younger kids, lollipop fundraisers are always a popular way to go. Many lollipop companies do not require that you pay for your products up front and instead will have you place your orders first. It’s an inexpensive and fun way to raise money for your team.
  • Selling refreshments. If you regularly have gymnastics meets, then selling concessions during those events can help you raise money for your team. Selling sodas, candy, or even pizza by the slice can be a big money maker. By selling food during an event, you are also providing spectators with some tasty treats.
  • Fundraising t-shirts. No one loves team t-shirts more than a proud mother or father.