imagesTop Fundraising Ideas For Schools

There are a number of ways to come up with creative school fundraising ideas. Whether you and your group of volunteers are looking for student council ideas or just unique fundraising ideas for your booster club, sports team, or fine arts group, there are a number of school fundraisers that are low-maintenance and low cost. Here are some of our top fundraising ideas for schools:

• Host a 50/50 Raffle. This is a great fundraiser if you are raising money for a small group that has access to a decent number of potential participants. You simply buy a roll of raffle tickets and set up a collection jar. People buy raffle tickets for a certain amount of money and then half the winnings go to the winner and half of the winnings go directly to your charity. Hence the idea of a 50/50.

• Sell candles. There are several great companies online that can help you and your group do this. You simply spread the word that your students are selling candles and you work with a company to get discounted candles. You reap the rewards and buyers get something nice that they can give as a gift.

• Have a yard sale. This ever popular fundraising idea is great for fundraising groups that are on a tight budget. All you need is donated stuff and a designated day and place to host a yard sale. People love to find treasures at garage sales and they will love the idea of buying for a great cause.

• Sell cookie dough. This one is a real winner in the Fall when it’s close to the holiday season. People love to buy frozen cookie dough that they can defrost and use during the holiday season and there are some great companies that will work with your group to sell discounted, yet high-quality cookie dough.