imagesTop Five Small Group Fundraisers

There are literally hundreds of fundraising ideas out there for you to choose from. By considering the needs of your organization or charity and matching the skills of your fundraising team to the steps you need to take to host your event, you can start raising money fast. To get you started, we are offering our top five small group fundraisers:

1. Selling valuable products. Whether you choose to go with candy bars, cookie dough, magazines, gift baskets or more, selling ‘stuff’ to make a profit is a lucrative and tried and true fundraising method. People do this because it works! For a list of product ideas, surf the web for fundraising ideas and you’ll be amazed at the ideas and companies that you can come up with.

2. Hosting an auction. Auctions are a fun and popular way to raise money for charity. Small groups can raise big money, especially if they can get local business involved such as restaurants or local boutiques. The local businesses love the good PR and your group can find fun prizes to auction off.

3. Plastic fundraising cards. These are great for school and church groups. Again, getting local businesses in the mix will help you turn a big profit and attract attention to your cause. Buyers love getting freebies or discounted items and businesses love having more traffic show up at their doorstep.

4. Fundraising online. With the emergence of blogs and social media, kicking off a fundraising campaign online is now super easy—and free. All you need is a healthy network of contacts and a little time to spread the word about your charity and you can raise money in no time by using platforms like Facebook or blogging.

5. Direct mail or in person fundraising. This is an ‘oldie but goodie’ because it works. Whether you go door to door to let people know about your cause or spread the word via mail or email, you can raise awareness and gather donations using this strategy.