moneyTop Five Most Profitable Fundraisers

Are you looking for good fundraisers that work? If you want big money fundraising ideas, do some quick searches on our site and you’ll find a variety of big money fundraisers that can help your organization “take it to the next level”. Think of what works best for the potential donors that you are trying to reach and start scratching out some basic ideas and a strategy. To get you started, here are our thoughts on the top five most profitable fundraisers:

1. Host an online fundraising drill. Need to raise big money and you need to do it fast? There is no better place than online to do this. Sign up for a site like GoFundMe and create a strong call to action and give people a deadline to act. Make the deadline immediate, like “we are trying to raise x amount of money in the next two weeks for x reason”. These types of fundraisers can be very effective.

2. A-Thon it. Have a walk or run-a-thon and watch the dollars roll in. You’d need volunteers, a good place for a walk, and some free giveaways, but you can really make this big if you start planning six months to a year in advance.

3. Charity garage sale. Need something a little smaller scale for your big group but you need to make a profit? Yard sales are a truly awesome way to raise money for your charity and can be hugely profitable. Start early and ask for donated “stuff” that you can sell for charity. This is a truly fantastic crowd-pleaser.

4. Do something cool for Christmas. How about a Jingle Bell Hop Dance or a gift wrapping bonanza? Launching a holiday fundraiser can get people in the spirit and can be a huge money maker if done right.

5. Sell candy or cookies. There are companies that you can work with that offer very generous profit margins sometimes upwards of 40%. Products are easy for people to sell and donors love getting something yummy.