mission tripTop Five Mission Trip Fundraisers

If you are in charge of a youth group fundraiser or church fundraiser that involves raising money for a mission trip, then you can easily come up with ideas that will make your mission trip fundraisers a success. From car washes to garage sales, mission trip fundraisers can be motivating for the mission trip attendees involved and they can raise big money. Here are the top five mission trip fundraisers:

  1. Donation letter. In the case of mission trip fundraising, donation letters can be particularly compelling because they can help people draw an emotional connection to the cause. Have the people attending the mission trip hand carry them to family and friends so that they can tell stories about what they hope to accomplish during their trip.
  2. Have a church meal. Having a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner, for example, can give people the chance to mingle in fellowship while giving potential donors the chance to learn more about what the mission trip will accomplish. Hosts can charge a small entry fee for a profit and take donations for their trip.
  3. Host a raffle. Whether your trip attendees will do a cash 50/50 raffle, raffle off gift baskets or other prizes, a raffle can be a highly successful event. Be sure to advertise your fundraising raffle in the church newsletter or bulletin and in a high traffic area where people can learn more about it.
  4. Have a junk sale. People love junk sales or garage sales. The key to making this successful is to host the event after church mass times. Also, spreading the word about the event well ahead of time will ensure that you get people to donate really cool stuff that you can sell for a profit. This can be incredibly lucrative for your mission trip.
  5. Do a car wash. This is an old stand by for church fundraisers because it doesn’t cost much, it’s really fun for youth groups, and you can raise big cash.