teens taking group selfieTop Five Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Looking for great school fundraiser ideas for your elementary, middle, or high school project? School fundraisers can range from big to small and can be as low-maintenance or elaborate as you want them to be. It’s best to determine your target audience and sit down and make a budget for up-front costs before you get started with your planning. To give you some easy fundraising ideas to start with, here is our list of the top five fundraising ideas for schools:

1. Work With A Restaurant: Restaurant fundraisers are a fantastic way to get students and their parents involved and excited about your cause. Whether it’s a little league team or a student council fundraiser, restaurants are a great way to go. Many restaurants will host a fundraising event at their location and if you bring people in to eat, they will give you a portion of the proceeds of the evening’s totals for your charity.

2. Pizza Fundraiser. And while we’re talking about food, working with a pizza joint can make big bucks as it’s such a family affair. You can work to sell pizza discount cards, have pizza delivered to your school and sell it by the slice, or you can even sell pizza during an event to make extra money for your group.

3. Sell Candy Bars. It’s a good one because it works. Kids love chocolate and so do the parents, so working with a company that does candy bar fundraisers is a great idea. They are also offered at a low price point, so anyone can buy and participate.

4. Wrapping Paper. There are a number of companies online that will work with your school group to sell wrapping paper for charity. This is a fantastic item to sell because everyone needs wrapping paper during the holiday season and it’s even better if they buy it for a good cause.

5. Sell Fancy Popcorn. Who doesn’t love gourmet popcorn? This item will sell like hotcakes if you order some tantalizing flavors. Again, a great idea to spark interest during the holidays.