victor_billTop Five Food Fundraising Ideas

Food fundraisers are great because you know you’re selling a sure thing. People love to eat! There are a number of ways to create and sell food products, so if you get a little bit creative, you and your charity can come up with a number of great food fundraising ideas. To get your creative juices flowing, here are our top five food fundraising ideas:

1. Selling pizza. For youth groups and school organizations, this is a tried and true fundraising method because it works. You can host a pizza party and sell tickets for the party, or you can even sell pizza by the slice at a special event. There are a number of ways to make pizza work for you, but it’s a great idea.

2. Bake sale. Hosting a bake sale takes nothing more than some collective baking and the cost of the materials. It works because people love sweets and they like home baked goodies, so host a bake sale and you’ll turn a profit.

3. Partnering with a restaurant. Local restaurants love publicity and to have people come in their doors. Whether they donate a portion of the sale of a particular entrée to your charity or they donate a percentage of proceeds, you can raise lots of money and they can get access to new customers.

4. Sell your own recipe book. This can be a really fun project and can be a moneymaker too. Ask around and gather the best recipes from your charity or organization. Put the book together in a nice looking package and sell it at a profit. People love getting new recipes and you can make money for your charity.

5. Have a cook-off or master challenge. People love this type of thing because it’s a social event with a little friendly competition. Have a contest where you challenge teams to make the best chili and charge an entry fee for the event. The winners receive a prize and some bragging rights.