imagesTop Five Creative Cheer Fundraisers

If you’re hosting a cheer fundraiser, you might want to try something a bit out of the ordinary. Beyond the typical cookie fundraisers, t-shirt sales, and candy sales, you can really get creative for your cheer squad and think of something unique and cool to make that will capture attention and generate funds for your team. Here are our picks for the top five creative cheer fundraisers:

  1. Host a cheer camp for aspiring cheerleaders. One great way to raise money is to host a charity cheer camp for young girls who want to become cheerleaders. You can charge a fee for your cheer squad to host an event on a Saturday or Sunday and invite young children to participate. It will be fun for the kids and will raise money for your team.
  2. Make wreaths. Think beyond Christmas wreaths and make something really creative like team wreaths that celebrate with school colors, decorations, or even wreaths that are personalized with names on them. There are loads of creative wreath ideas and ‘how to’s’ online, so put on your thinking cap and get creative with a themed wreath for charity.
  3. Have a fashion show. A charity fashion show can be a really fun and creative way to raise money. Parents will love to see their kiddos dressed to the nines in some cute outfit. Partner with a local boutique who will want to show off their wares to a new audience. Recruit some volunteer entertainment and sell concessions as an added bonus.
  4. Create a cookbook. Maybe you create a cookbook that includes healthy and delicious recipes from your cheer squad, or you can make it all about desserts and have a ‘sweet treats’ cookbook. Either way, a cookbook is a creative idea and people will love to know that it’s for a good cause.
  5. Gift baskets. Always a popular item, selling gift baskets can be a great fundraiser around various holidays. Gift baskets have unlimited potential because you can create them around just about any theme.