candleTop Eight Fundraising Items For Schools

School fundraisers can be a tricky business. The school fundraiser needs to be easy and inexpensive, but you’ve got to sell something that’s going to attract attention. It’s also got to be something that parents approve of and will be willing to participate in. To get some ideas flowing, here are the top eight fundraising items for schools:

1. Candy bars. From Hershey’s to Nestle and everything in between, candy bars are a hot seller. Schools can choose to sell one kind or even multipacks of candy bars.

2. Cookie dough. Another sweet treat to sell is frozen cookie dough. Great for holiday fundraising, cookie dough fundraisers are sure to be a hit with cookie lovers.

3. Lollipops. Yet another very low cost fundraiser with a good profit margin is lollipop fundraising. There are dozens of companies online that offer lollipops for charity.

4. Roses. Great for older students and high schools during Valentine’s Day, roses can be a great fundraiser idea.

5. Rubber bracelets. These are great items because you can brand them in any way you choose. From adding the school mascot to your favorite team slogan, rubber bracelets can be a great way to raise money for your school.

6. Candles. Candle fundraisers, like Yankee Candles, for example are a great way to make money for your school charity during the holiday season. They are great gifts and popular with parents.

7. Popcorn fundraisers. From gourmet to popcorn packaged in personalized bags, popcorn fundraisers can be a fun and unique way to raise money for your school group. There are a number of companies that offer popcorn fundraisers.

8. Water bottles. Water bottles for charity are a great idea. Many manufacturers specialize in environmentally friendly bottles and you can print cool graphics on them. It’s a great idea for school groups like sports teams.