1. Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Photo Courtesy of bridges&balloons via Flickr

Yankee Candle is becoming a very popular choice with the increasing concern for nutrition and allergies. People are already familiar with the brand, which is associated with high-quality candles. The fundraising organization receives 40% profit on every product sold. The price points on most items are reasonable, but high enough to not require mass door-to-door fundraising, which is always a safety concern. Most people buy a few candles every year anyway, so people are more willing to consider a purchase. Still, there are many households who do not use candles due to fire concerns or respiratory conditions, and there is not much variety in price or product choice.

2. The Goodies Factory

The Goodies Factory offers several gourmet food fundraisers, but among the most popular is their catalog offering several flavors of The Goodies Factory Cookie Dough, which supporters then use to make their own cookies at home. The organization receives 40-50% profit on each product. This is popular among schools and organizations that are targeting within the organization. People love to make baked goods during the holidays, and this fundraiser has a certain novelty to it – people are willing to at least give it a try. Allergens and nutritional values are a concern for this choice, in addition to the fact that the dough must be kept frozen until the cookies are made.

3. The Tom-Wat Holiday Catalog

The Tom-Wat Holiday Catalog offers a variety of unique, elegant items including decorations, pet products, kitchen gadgets, and ornaments. This type of catalog would be effective for adults and heads of households. The fundraising party keeps 35% – 50% of profit depending on sales. While the items offered are very beautiful, this fundraiser would not be appropriate for low-income communities, and while they have done their best to make the products as secular as possible, it still has a very Christmas-oriented feel, and would not be a good fit for a Jewish or Muslim community.


4. EZFund Homestyle Fudge

This catalog from EZFund offers five different 8 oz flavors of award-winning fudge for $8 a box. This makes it a great fit for fundraising within an organization or to a an extended network. The profit margin is 45%, which is quite excellent for a low cost catalog. Plus, the minimum order is only 24 boxes, so this is great for small groups or classroom by classroom fundraising. Again, those with allergies or dietary restrictions may feel excluded.

5. Flower Power Fundraising

Flower Power Fundraiser

Photo Courtesy of Ivan Rumata via Flickr

Flower Power Fundraising is great for the much more difficult spring time fundraising. Its catalog offers flower bulbs that can then be planted in a personal or community garden. The 50% profit share is great, and the company also ships the product directly to purchasers, which eliminates adding delivery to end-of-school madness. While this catalog is more ecofriendly and health-conscious than other options, it only appeals to those who live in a home with a garden, which is a smaller percentage than say, those who like fudge!