Top 3 big money fundraising ideas

big-money-fundraisingIt’s not always easy for non-profit organizations to come up with effective big money fundraising ideas and put them into action. You know that you need that big money to support your cause and keep your organization running, but you don’t even know where to begin. Use our top 3 big money fundraising ideas as a guideline and start gathering man power and creative ideas and your non-profit will raise the big bucks in no time.

Make some beautiful music

A charity concert is a wonderful way to raise money for your organization as well as promote the arts in your area. People love to have an excuse to get dressed up and spend an evening out, and a charity concert can be just the ticket. The donations can come in the form of ticket sales. You can sell discounted tickets in advance and full-priced tickets at the door. Get local newspapers, magazines, bloggers and radio stations to help publicize the event, and promote the concert through social media outlets. The musicians might love to have an opportunity to reach a wider audience and create a positive reputation as musicians that ‘play for a cause’. The audience will love sharing an enjoyable and entertaining night while learning more about your cause.

Organize a walk or a run

Major non-profit organizations love to host 5K walks or fun-runs for two very specific reasons: They bring in lots of participants, which promotes awareness of their cause, and these events raise lots of money. Runners and walkers pay an entry fee that can support the cause, or they can gather donations in the form of financial pledges from friends and family. Enlist the support of larger local business that can help support your charity walk or run in the form of volunteers, supplies, booths, bottled water, giveaways, and more.

Host an auction

Everybody loves a good auction. Especially if there are a variety of items available for bidding at a variety of price points. Create an effective silent auction donation request letter and reach out to your local businesses and restaurants.  Gather some really appealing silent auction items like exciting travel experiences, valuable services such as house cleaning, or other items of interest such as theater tickets, tickets to sports outings, or interesting gift baskets. Get creative and ask around for some great ideas before the auction. An auction can be a fun and truly exciting way to raise money for your organization.