Football1-300x200Tips for Writing Fundraising Letters For Sports Teams

So you’re in charge of the fundraiser for your son Johnny’s baseball team. Writing a fundraising letter to fellow parents and local businesses can be a great way to raise money for your son’s sports teams, but it’s important to follow a few pointers. Here are some helpful tips for writing fundraising letters for sports teams:

1. Pinpoint a business that has something in common with your sports team. Does a local athletic apparel company provide the baseball uniforms for your son’s team? Or maybe a local area restaurant is a favorite with families for after-game celebrations. If you’re going to request funds from a local business, start with the ones that have something to gain from donating to your team.

2. Utilize your personal contacts before you decide who to write a letter to. You might start asking parents of other kids on your team to find out who they might know. Perhaps they know the owner of that favorite restaurant of your baseball team. Sending that person that letter directly (or via that person that has a relationship with them) might be the best way to get your foot in the door.

3. Follow up with your potential donor. Once you send the fundraising letter, follow up with your potential sponsor personally. Then, if you two form a partnership, make sure to document how you have used the funds and send them updates throughout the season.

4. Make sure to clearly state how that business will benefit. Make sure they know what they will get in return for being sponsors of your sports team. Whether it’s a billboard advertisement at the baseball stadium or inclusion in the monthly team newsletter, clearly outline in your letter how they will directly benefit from a partnership with your team.