imagesTips for Writing A Fundraising Letter For School

Being put in charge of a school fundraiser can be a lot of work. There are details to be ironed out, deadlines, and a lot of donations to gather. One of the best ways to reach out to fellow parents is via a fundraising letter. By using a letter, you can spread the word faster to as many people as you can reach. Here are some helpful tips for writing a fundraising letter for school:

Use both email and snail mail. Many parents are busy working professionals that might be easier to reach if you use both email and regular mail. Try to create a fundraising letter template that can be used for both regular mail and email. Create the letter in a document and simply copy and paste into a mass email. You might reach more people this way.

Get other parents to help you. Of course, aside from directly asking fellow parents for donations, you can enlist some help addressing and stuffing envelopes with your school fundraiser letter. Get other parents involved in the actual mailing (or emailing) process and you can save yourself time or money.

Try to make it personal. Yes, this can be a challenge if you’re doing a mass mailing. But, just by outlining specific benefits to both parents and students can make your case personal enough to be compelling. Also, pointing out specific examples of how your organization has helped students in your letter can make people want to donate.

Request a specific action. Give potential donors a few donation options such as $10, $25, and $50, or something like that. Sometimes requesting an immediate action can help move them to act right away.

Try to advertise your letter. Take advantage of any other ways that you can spread the word that you are trying to raise money. Put the letter on your Facebook page and ask friends and family members to share it. Post the letter in a high-traffic place in the school such as the cafeteria or teacher’s lounge, for example.

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