PAFF_091913_boostingdonations_rotatorTips For Requesting Donations For A Cause

People are oftentimes short on money and time which is why donating to a charity is not always a high priority for some people. When soliciting sponsors for your charity, it’s important to give them a good reason (or a few good reasons) to donate to your cause. Also, if you can understand the reasons why people sometimes give, then you might find the keys to successful fundraising. Here are some tips for requesting donations for a cause:

Give your donors instant gratification. If you can capture their interest in your charity right away, give them a way to donate to your cause on the spot—right then and there. People will enjoy the feeling of giving instantaneously—that they made a positive impact on someone else’s life in that moment. To give is a memorable experience for most people that donate and if they can do it right away, they will have that sense of instant gratification.

Appeal to their heart, not their head. Most people give because they genuinely care about a cause or have some type of personal connection to it. Make sure that when you make your case, you talk about why your charity is a worthy and valid recipient of their donation. Paint a very personal picture and offer personal anecdotes about how your charity has helped specific people. Also, whether you solicit donations in a letter, a phone call, or a personal meeting, use words like “I” and “you” to make your case highly personal.

Make it a social thing. People often love to jump on the bandwagon. That’s why power in numbers is important. Sometimes, just letting your potential donor know that their neighbors, co-workers or friends are also donating to your cause, will clinch the deal. Also, people love to have a voice, so set up a social media platform, such as a Facebook page, where all donors can go share their stories, photos, and related resources with fellow charitable givers.