Funding-ShutterstockTips for Non-Profit Fundraising

As a fundraising expert, sometimes the well runs dry when it comes to fundraising ideas. Usually, if you’re heading up a fundraiser for a major non-profit, school, or church, you have to go back to the drawing board, back to the basics and start over. When it comes to fundraising, having a process that you can repeat over and over (using some different creative event ideas) can be helpful. Here are some helpful tips for non-profit fundraising that will help you get back to basics:

1. Take an inventory of your resources and write it all down. Whether your resources include a stockpile of extra money that your organization has squirrelled away, or a connection that you have that is great at graphic design, sometimes it necessary to do an inventory of resources that your organization has at its disposal. This might jog some thoughts about what your next move will be.

2. Target your secondary, or minor donor groups. Going after the ‘big fish’ of givers is of course necessary when launching a fundraiser. But sometimes it’s more helpful to go after your secondary donors—the people that donate a minor amount of money to your charity. Create a campaign that targets that group specifically and offer them some inexpensive perks to get them invested and involved in your organization.

3. Work harder to build relationships with local businesses. Getting a small business involved can take your fundraising efforts up a notch. Get them to see it as a partnership and make sure that you can offer them something tangible that will motivate them to get involved. Examples would be free advertising on your social media channels or in your newsletter, or promising to take your group to that restaurant once a month to eat.

4. Just be nice. This is simple but so true. Fundraising is all about building relationships, so if you are no good at being nice, then find someone else to reach out to potential donors and sponsors. Asking nicely and saying thank you will garner you a great reputation.