450_carsmash_0Tips for Hosting a Car Smash Fundraiser

Want to host a fundraising event that will let people vent their aggressions for a good cause? Try a car smash fundraiser—an unconventional but exciting fundraising event for your charity. A car smash fundraiser does exactly what the name implies. It gives people to smash a car while raising money for your charity. This can be a great way to let people vent their emotions if they have a loved one that’s been battling a disease like cancer that you are trying to raise money for. Here are some tips for hosting a car smash fundraiser:

• Make sure to promote it. Raise awareness of your event by posting news to community newsletters, through social media, and put up flyers. If it’s for a good cause, people will love to get involved, or at the very least will be curious to see the spectacle.

• Think of safety first. Make sure to find a safe location for the event, and keep people a safe distance from the metal that will be flying during the car smashing. Have first aid people or first responders ready to help in case there are any injuries related to the event. Also, make all smashers wear protective eye goggles.

• Get permission and alert the police. Make sure that you have the appropriate permissions from your local governmental organizations to host an event like this. You also should alert the local police force that you’ll be having this kind of event and hire someone to be on duty at that time.

• Gather the appropriate smashing materials. What fun is a smashing without the right tools? Gather a collection of ruthless car smashing materials like tools and spray paint and prepare for a smashing good time.

• Collect a fee from each smasher and let the fun begin!