food-fundraising1-1023x487Tips for Fundraising At Restaurants

Restaurant fundraisers are a popular choice for charities like sports teams and church groups for good reason. It can be a low-cost way to raise money and can be simple and effective. Also, it promotes social interaction and goodwill, both of which can positively impact your fundraising efforts. Here are some tips for fundraising at restaurants:

• Do some research before you choose one. A quick search online will give you the names of dozens of chain restaurants that work with local groups to host fundraisers, but the policies and profits you earn vary by business. Make some calls and see what you can get. And don’t forgot to approach local mom and pop restaurants—they may be more generous with you and it may make for a more personal experience if you host your event at a favorite local place.

• Find a good way to spread the word. Whether you choose to use flyers, spread the word via Facebook, or you urge your group to tell people by word of mouth about your restaurant fundraiser, don’t forget to do everything you can to market your event ahead of time. Pick a set time and place that is likely to work for a lot of people. The more people you have at your event, the better your results will be.

• Show the restaurant that you can bring traffic in. If you bring a big group of people in for your fundraiser, that restaurant will be more likely to partner with you in the future. And what’s better than raising money AND getting a great meal? Plus having fun with your fellow group members.

• Say thanks via mail. A nice thank you note goes a long way to local businesses and any kind of positive endorsement that you can offer them via online reviews will let them know that their donations were appreciated and hopefully will help you build a long standing fundraising event at their place.