downloadTips For Writing A Thank You Letter For Donations

Looking for some tips and pointers for thanking your sponsors after they make generous contributions to your charity? If you work with a non-profit, whether large or small, it’s important that you make sure to take the time to properly thank the people who are involved in supporting your organization. Whether they’ve donated cash money or time, making them feel like they are a big reason for your success will help you cultivate donor relationships that may last for years. Here are some pointers and helpful hints for how to write a thank you letter for donations:

• Offer a personal anecdote. People want to know that whatever they did or gave to your charity made an actual difference. Donors like to know that donations don’t go into a black hole of money where it can’t be tracked to an action. So, offer some type of personal anecdote, such as their donation helped a specific family or something similar.

• Consider adding visuals. Including photos or imagery, especially if it’s tied to a certain charitable event, can be a great way to thank donors and to let them see their donation in action. Adding photos to tell your story in a thank you note is a great idea.

• Get really creative. There can be other ways to creatively thank people as well such as personalized e-cards or even thank you testimonials and videos for donors. Try to come up with a way to thank your sponsors that is innovative yet doesn’t cost much money.

• Offer them a vision of where your charity is headed. Tell them what’s next for the charity that they helped support. It’s great to do this if you have a specific goal for expansion in mind (such as opening a new reading center for kids, feeding 10 more families for a month, etc). If you let them know that you have plans for next steps, and they feel your gratitude, they might be more compelled to give again.