4792eb03fd82a7b6b35dac276a3095f9Tips For Writing A Letter For Sponsorship

If you do some research online, you can find a number of free sponsorship letter templates to use. That being said, you want to create a request for sponsorship that speaks with your authentic voice and tells a story about your organization and why you are trying to raise money. Here are some helpful tips for writing a letter for sponsorship:

• Make it an e-letter. These days, almost everyone owns and email address and as much as people love to get letters in the mail, you might be more successful if you send your letter via email. You may even find that people forward it along to their friends and family, giving your fundraiser the chance to go viral!

• Include photos. Tell a story with pictures and make your letter interesting. If you want to get more creative, include a video snippet of your charity doing good work.

• Set a goal and let your readers know what it is. Let people know exactly how much you are trying to raise and what it’s for. You never know how generous one individual might decide to be if they become personally invested in your fight.

• Include a strong call to action. The key to any marketing campaign, including non-profit marketing, is getting people to act. Request a specific amount kind of monetary donation and make it easy for them to take action.

• Include examples of what you’ve done so far. If you’re doing a fundraising mail campaign, chances are that this is not your first rodeo. Spend time giving your charity the professional chops to demonstrate that you all will truly use their generous funds wisely by showing what you’ve done in the past.

• Say thank you. This can’t be overstated enough. Let them know that you appreciate their consideration and their gifts of money for you to do your good work.