Christmas donation letterTips For Writing A Christmas Donation Letter

Christmas is a perfect time to start thinking about your fundraising objectives by writing a Christmas donation letter. People are in a good mood, and often in a giving mood, so start thinking about how you can spread the word about your Christmas fundraiser by writing a letter. Whether you’re raising money or donations for your annual coat drive or for a ‘feed the hungry’ dinner, sending out a Christmas donation letter will ensure that people are thinking about your charity this season. Here are some helpful tips for your Christmas fundraising letter:

• Tie it to the season. Make sure your letter addresses these questions: Why is your charity relevant now and why should they give now? Is it simply to support the spirit of the season or is there a special event tied to the holidays? Make sure to point that out.

• Use seasonal imagery. Whether you want to tell the story using photos of your volunteers in seasonal attire or you want to simply use colorful, cheerful Christmas stationary, tell a story visually that relates to the season.

• Offer a benefit. Aside from a tax-deduction, offer some other kind of incentive, like a donor appreciation holiday party or a themed Christmas ornament from your charity. Make it heartfelt and genuine.

• Make the content unique. The best fundraising letters are the ones that are the most personalized that tell a compelling story. So, be sure to address the letter to an individual. Also, have several sets of eyes proofread it before you send it out. And, try offering something unique like a personal anecdote from an individual who has personally been helped by someone at your organization.

• Don’t forget a strong call to action. Any good fundraising appeal letter has a very strong and clear call to action to get people to act now.