computerTips For Social Media Fundraising Success

If you want to be truly fundraising savvy, you have to take your fundraising campaign online. Online fundraisers tend to be more successful and have a wider reach than going the traditional fundraising route. Social media can be a truly powerful tool when used the right way. If you’re looking for social media fundraising ideas and pointers, here are some to get you started:

  • Use multiple channels. If you’re new to social media, it’s best to get your feet wet first by mastering one channel at a time, such as Facebook. However, eventually you’ll want to spread the word about your fundraising efforts across multiple platforms. The more social platforms you use, the more people you will reach with your message.
  • Leverage your existing network. Look closely enough at your inner circle, and you’ll be amazed at how many people you already know who participate in social media. Start by connecting with these people first and share with them the story of your charity. Then branch out from there.
  • Make an emotional connection. Don’t just post bland social media content. Paint a picture for people using photos, videos, testimonials and more. Fundraisers that can get people to connect emotionally will be the most successful.
  • Pay close attention to what other people are liking and sharing. This is one of the fundamental keys to social media fundraising success. Spend time looking at the type of content that other people are liking and sharing on their social networks. If your charity shares similar content, you’ll want to connect with those people and see if they will share your content.
  • Engage your audiences. Don’t just blindly post content without reciprocating. Share good content that comes from other people or ask questions and comment on posts from other people. People love to be acknowledged on social media, so reciprocating will make you more successful.