creative-arts-logoTips For Hosting A Successful Fundraiser With Kickstarter

We’ve talked about a number of crowdfunding websites that you can use for your fundraising efforts. is a very popular global crowdfunding website that was launched back in 2009 and continues to gain followers as it helps more charities for the creative arts raise money. The difference between Kickstarter and a number of other crowdfunding sites is that the kickstarter projects are all centered on projects that have to do with the creative arts. Here are some tips for hosting a kickstarter campaign:

• Kickstarter projects aren’t just any projects. Kickstarter will only help raise money for projects related to the creative arts. So, things like technology, artists, concert productions, stage productions, journalism, films, and anything creative can be started as a project. It’s a great place to find people who are patrons of the arts.

• Understand the difference between kickstarter vs indiegogo and other platforms. Kickstarter attracts more traffic, more dollars pledged and has more pledges. Although indiegogo has good merits as well, so far kickstarter has a wider audience. There are other fundraising platforms too, but these two are perfect for projects related to the creative arts.

• Set a goal for what you need to run your project. Setting a financial goal to raise money is key to your success. It’s got to be realistic and it’s got to cover the costs of you launching your project.

• Create a compelling vision and an effective pitch. People will be compelled to donate to your program because of the vision that you are creating for your project. They want to see the big picture—how will this improve their lives or benefit the greater culture.

• Start spreading the word about your campaign before your event. Let people know about your project and what you hope to achieve in advance of launching your kickstarter campaign.
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