cd2d94b393ce3195b5822b7e838c7027-murderTips For Hosting A Murder Mystery Fundraiser

Looking for a truly unique way to raise money for your charity? Planning a murder mystery dinner can be a great way to raise money for your group and it’s a whole lot of fun. Read some mystery books for inspiration and look online for ideas. If you’re thinking about hosting a mystery dinner, here are some tips to help you get started:

• Pick out some murder mystery games. One of the best resources for mystery dinners is from They have games that last several hours and are made for groups of ten or more. Choosing the game that sounds best for your group size and audience can help guide the rest of your event. What’s fun about this is that everyone gets to participate and assume a role in the fundraiser.

• Choose the right venue. If you have a house big enough, it can be a fun and cozy way to get people to loosen up, relax, and enjoy themselves. If there isn’t a house available, you can also choose a restaurant with a private dining room or any kind of event hall, like a church activity center.

• Decide on a budget and include markup in the ticket price. You will need to sit down and crunch the numbers to make sure that you include dinner, drinks, prizes, supplies, or any other costs in the ticket price. It is a charitable event, so people understand that they will need to pay more for the event. You can also accept direct donations during the murder mystery dinner as well. Make the determination about whether you will have snacks, desserts, or alcoholic beverages too before you set the ticket price.

• Market your event. Make sure to spread the word about your event via email invitation, personal mailed invitations and via social media. There are plenty of materials online that you can customize to use for your event.