Annual-Gala-LogoTips For Hosting A Benefit Fundraiser

If you’re trying to look at big money fundraising ideas for your large non-profit, considering a larger event like a fundraising gala can be the way to go, but it takes some significant planning. You will need a team of people to help you plan and organize it and a perfect space. Here are some tips for hosting a benefit fundraiser:

• Create a committee. You will need an army of people to help you put together an event like this. Gather the best minds that can help you plan and organize as well as create the best ideas.

• Map out a budget. Before you commit to hosting such a large event, you need to be realistic about the costs versus the potential earnings. If you’re sinking everything into this gala before you are sure that you can sell the tickets, you might want to think again. Once you’re convinced that it’s a profitable prospect, be sure to have your committee map out a budget.

• Rent the space in advance. Don’t leave anything to chance when hosting an event like this. Reserve your event space a year in advance and at a minimum six months. That’s one of the first things you’ll have to have locked down.

• Don’t skimp on food and entertainment. Just the word ‘gala’ conjures up images of a dazzling evening. And that’s exactly what you want to do—dazzle your potential donors. Yes, you have to think about making a profit for your charity during an event like this but be sure to make the food and entertainment unforgettable. You’ll want to make sure that this is especially the case if you’re making it an annual event.

• Try to seek sponsorships. Sponsorships can help mitigate expenses for an event like this and it can also help you raise awareness about the mission of your charity. Securing sponsorships from big name companies can really raise the profile of your charity plus of course help you offset costs.