candleTips for Fundraising With Candles

Candle fundraisers are a great idea for so many reasons. Usually the profit margins are generous and the product never spoils, so it can be a great item to sell for your charity. It can be a great option if people are tired of selling or buying food items for charity. If you’re thinking about fundraising with candles, here are some tips to keep in mind:

• Find a reputable company. There are dozens of companies that offer fundraising services, and you can research them all online. Companies like Yankee Candle are a great option because they have an established reputation and you can be certain that they will meet your timelines and deliver a high-quality product to your buyers.

• Highlight the selling points to your customers. Why would people want to buy candles? If you can answer this question, then you can overcome any objections from buyers. Besides the fact that they smell yummy, they also make great gifts and are a great alternative from candy and cookies for people who are health conscious but like to treat themselves.

• Launch the fundraiser right before a gift giving holiday. If you’re going to do a fundraiser like this, then think strategically about when you can maximize your selling opportunities. If you kick off a fundraiser a month before Christmas, then you’ll be in good shape to sell lots of product.

• Start talking about the event before it happens. To start generating excitement, start to publicize your event as soon as you decide to host it. This way it gives the members of your charity and the buyers time to prepare and can create a lot of momentum.

• Offer prizes for the top sellers. This can be a great motivating tool and can increase your profits significantly.

• Spread the word online if you can. Social media sites are a great way to spread the word about your fundraiser ahead of time.