downloadTips for Creating a Fundraising Plan

Creating an effective fundraising plan is the key to raising money for your charity or non-profit. Oftentimes, coming up with your ideal fundraising ideas can be the hardest part of your campaign. You have to sort through a number of ideas and pick the one that you think matches your organization the most. Gathering a good fundraising team is critical and there are an endless number of helpful ideas on the internet. Here are some tips for creating a fundraising plan:

1. Gather the best possible team. Fundraising is about more than implementing an idea. Try to round up your most ambitious and hard-working friends, colleagues, students, or neighbors and create a stellar fundraising team. They will be your go-getters, so rally to get the entire team involved in your fundraising efforts.

2. Start with a good old fashioned brainstorming session. Once you’ve got the right people, put them together in one room and start having them throw some ideas out there. You’d be amazed at what amazing ideas can come out of a group brainstorming session.

3. Narrow your focus to one idea. Once you’ve got a viable list of fundraising ideas to choose from, it may feel like you’re being pulled in a million directions at once. The key is to settle on one good fundraising idea and then work on implementing that idea. You can always try a different idea next time, but it’s best not to try to take too many directions at one time.

4. Set a goal. Whether you decide to set a monetary goal (such as $1000 for one fundraising event) or setting another type of goal (like gathering 200 coats for your church’s annual coat drive), setting a fundraising goal is a definite must. Your team will be jazzed about trying to have a tangible number to achieve and it will motivate everyone. Plus, once you’ve reached your goal, you can prove that your hard work really paid off!