candy-salesTips And Ideas For Using Fundraising Candy

Raising money with candy can be a fun, easy, and low-cost way to make money for your charity group. To learn how you can make profits for charity by using candy, here are some tips and ideas for using fundraising candy:

• Find companies that make personalized candy. There are many companies online that will sell nicely wrapped chocolate bars, lollipops or similar with team logos, school names, or charity names that you can sell for a profit.

• Choose a brand with a good reputation. Companies like Nestle and Hershey’s do offer fundraisers for school groups and similar. Usually they sell candy bars at a discount and then you reap rewards with the profits. Sometimes they offer rewards for top sellers. Using a known brand also ensures that you don’t hit any customer service snags.

• Try something gourmet. Up the ante in your fundraising by choosing a company that produces gourmet chocolates, lollipops and more to make your candy fundraiser a bit snazzier.

• Get the kids heavily involved. Getting kids excited about candy is easy. Get them excited about your candy fundraiser by offering contests and incentives to kids that meet their selling goals. An easy way to get them to sell big is to offer them free candy!

• Post flyers and raise awareness about your event. Drumming up pre-fundraiser excitement is the key to success too. Make sure that people know that your fundraiser will be happening during a certain week or month and then set a deadline for people to place their orders.

• Don’t forget to ask friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers. Candy sales go well if the people closest to you know that you’re trying to raise money for a good cause (like your child’s school group). Knock on doors and head to the next cubicle and ask everyone if they’re interested and you’ll sell your quota in no time.