670px-Solicit-Sponsors-Step-2Three Things To Avoid When Soliciting Sponsors

Soliciting sponsors for donations for your charity can be tricky business and takes a lot of hard work and creativity. There are a number of ways to reach out to small businesses or corporations to request money for your non-profit organization including writing a letter to sponsors, reaching out in person, or simply making cold calls. Remember to always identify some common ground between your charity and your potential new sponsor. Also, here are three things to avoid when soliciting sponsors for donations:

1. Don’t target the wrong audience. There is one critical rule to keep in mind in any marketing or outreach endeavor: Know your audience. Make sure to do a lot of research when you are making a list of potential sponsors. Be sure that you understand exactly what type of business you are approaching, their mission, their goals, and their corporate culture. Draw a connection between your charity and their business and identify some common ground between your two organizations.

2. Don’t forget to leverage your personal contacts. You might be surprised at how well connected your friends and family might be. Don’t ever overlook those people in your closest circles when it comes to soliciting sponsorships. Your friends, neighbors and co-workers might just know a VIP that would be the perfect connection for you.

3. You forget to point out the benefits. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when trying to find sponsorships is to forget to highlight each and every benefit that your donor will receive from being a part of your organization. Make sure to clearly outline in your campaign letter or package how your potential donor will benefit from a partnership with you. They are considerably more likely to sign up to help if they know that their organization will benefit in some way.