fundraising-ideas-creativeThree Senior Citizen Fundraising Ideas

Giving back to senior citizens in your community can be a great way to involve friends and family and do something good for those in need. Coming up with appropriate fundraising ideas for this age group can be a challenge because you want to host an event that everyone can be involved in despite physical limitations. But using a bit of creativity and partnering with local senior citizen homes and facilities can be a great way to host an event. Here are three senior citizen fundraising ideas:

1. Have a pancake breakfast. Everyone loves a good, hearty pancake breakfast. All you need is to gather a team of volunteer cooks and make pancakes and bacon for the masses. Organize coffee and orange juice and have a limited number of items on the menu. Invite family and friends to come to the breakfast and charge a nominal entry fee for the breakfast. You can raise money for special senior citizen events and it’s a great way to involve friends and loved ones.

2. Host a book fair. Book fairs can be especially popular with elderly folks who have mobility issues or physical limitations. Many seniors love to read because they have ample time and can’t physically participate in more vigorous activities. You can work with a local or online company to have a book fair at a senior citizen center or community center where the books are sold directly at the place of the event. Or, you can even contact friends and family members to donate their used books and magazines and advertise your book fair.

3. Have a raffle. People love to have a chance to win stuff. That’s why having a raffle is such a popular fundraising tactic. You can choose to host something like a 50/50 raffle where half the proceeds go to the winner and half go to the charity, or you can raffle off goods and services, gift baskets, or more.