plastic-fundraising-cardsThree Reasons to Use Duracard Plastic Fundraising Cards

Plastic fundraising cards can be one of the most effective fundraising ideas for your school organization, youth group, or other charity. They are usually very low cost and can be a great way to get local businesses involved in your fundraising efforts. They help raise awareness for your cause and they offer consumers a valuable service by providing free food items or stuff at discounted prices from their favorite local restaurants and shops. There are a number of companies that offer plastic fundraising cards, such as Duracard. Here are three great reasons to use Duracard plastic fundraising cards for your fundraising efforts:

1. They customize. They can offer your organization completely customized plastic fundraising cards to help them raise money. They can create cards that include your sports team logo, school mascot, or even your own original artwork. The cards become a visual representation of your organization, so it helps you spread the word about your charity while also rallying support behind your cause. You can even choose to use a color picture of your team or group for extra fun.

2. They can help you through the process. They have a customer service line and will help guide you through the fundraising campaign process step by step. They are available if you need to ask questions and have professional designers who can help you customize your fundraising card if this is the way you want to go.

3. You can earn big money this way. Duracard houses its own design, printing, and shipping facility in one place, so you don’t have to pay high overhead costs to have your cards created and printed. It saves money throughout the entire process, so you can earn generous profits from 90 to 98% using their model.