PH_Jamesville_out_[Converted]Three Reasons To Host A Pizza Hut Fundraiser

When it comes to pizza fundraising options, the choices are many. There are of course a number of pizza restaurants that may participate in your fundraising efforts, and they may participate in a variety of ways. Donated gift cards, pizza parties, and offering pizza at discounted rates for charities like school organizations are all popular charity pizza event options. Pizza Hut’s national brand recognition and popularity make it a great restaurant to go with. Here are three reasons to host a Pizza Hut fundraiser:

1. It’s an easy sell. Pizza Hut is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in existence. The power behind their brand recognition and popularity can help you make sales before you even start your fundraiser. Start spreading the word immediately that you plan to work with Pizza Hut and watch your sales take off.

2. They offer discount cards. Charity discount cards can be a very effective way to make money for your charity. These cards contain a collection of discount offers such as buy one, get one offers, upgraded menu items, and more. They will often sell these discounts cards to charity groups, and then your charity group sells them to potential donors for a profit. They are a great way to raise money and they are popular because many people already buy regularly from Pizza Hut.

3. They let you opt to host a pizza night. One strategy is to go to your local Pizza Hut and ask them if they are willing to host a fundraiser at the restaurant. They may help you with collateral such as flyers to help you spread the word about your event. They will generally pick a night that does not have high customer traffic, and if you host your event there, Pizza Hut will donate a portion of the proceeds to your charity.