lollipopsThree Reasons to Host a Lollipop Fundraiser

You may be scratching your head to come up with effective fundraising ideas that are low-cost, low-maintenance and good money makers. Candy fundraisers are one great way to raise money for your school or church group because they are enticing, and it’s easy to get young people involved in the fundraiser—what child doesn’t like candy? Hosting a gourmet lollipop fundraiser is a colorful and fun way to go and they can be a great item to sell during any occasion. Many candy companies also sell special occasion lollipops that you can sell at different times of the year such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Here are three reasons to host a lollipop fundraiser:

1. There is a big profit margin. If you do some research online, there are a number of candy companies that will partner with you to offer a lollipop fundraiser. Most if not all of these companies offer a very generous profit margin—many up to fifty percent. With this kind of profit margin, you can reach your financial goal in no time.

2. It’s fun and interesting. Lollipops come in all shapes in sizes, colors, and flavors and most people just can’t resist a little indulgence when it comes to their sweet tooth. That’s why lollipop fundraisers are a great idea—especially for young people who are trying to raise money for their organization. Candy is irresistible, and kids will get excited about selling gourmet lollipops to fellow classmates, neighbors, and family friends.

3. There is usually a quick turnaround. Oftentimes with products like lollipops, there is a quick turnaround from the time that you place the order to the time that the order is shipped to you. Unlike customized orders that take a long time, you can often get your products quickly so that you can launch your fundraiser almost immediately.